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Sewing components

I was talking with Carmen about how to attach the piezo elements to the sound gloves, and we were trying to remember the name of an embroidery technique used to attach mirrors to saris.  Well, it turns out it’s “Indian … Continue reading

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blinking LED without delay()

Andy’s step sequencer was coming along nicely until he added a delay to blink his LED to visualise the tempo.  The delay would slow down the whole main loop, meaning that all other readings (like push buttons) had to wait … Continue reading

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haptic motion communication

A few links about manipulating muscles with electric pulses… Here is the Dutch artist I mentioned who experimented on himself: An idea of how it looked: His safety tips: The device he recommends using is called a … Continue reading

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social feedback garment

Today I talked with Heidi about the possibilities of getting fur to move or “stand on end”.  We thought it would be great to use the inherent properties of some fibres in combination with static electricity.  The thing about static … Continue reading

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