Arki work around and about next weeks.


Yes there is some movement in the front! Arki tonttu is sending people around to share some of our work out there. Follow what we have to say in the following venues (in no particular order):

1) Andrea, Sanna and Joanna are arranging with other cleaver people a workshop on “Co-designing and Commoning” for NORDES 2015 conference at Stockholm (Konstfack University) in June 9th

2) Miia, Regis and Kari-Hans are also hosting a workshop on “Utopia and Design of Society” for the same NORDES 2015 Conference taking place the 9th of June.

3) Mariana is participation on a panel on Perspectives on the contextualization of audiovisual online archives: access and publication formats organized in the context of the NECS Conference on Archives for the future. She will share some of the work done on EUScreen project. Łódź, Poland, 18.-20. June 2015

4) Andrea will be giving 2 keynote lectures. The first one in the Design, Social Media and Technology to Foster Civic Self-Organisation Conference at University of Hasselt on 22 of May and a second one in the Design For All Day of Aalto University on 29th of May.

5) Arki tonttu will be around Media Lab Spring Demo Day. Come and say hi while Mariana presents the results of the Video Poetry Marathon and Sanna, Neea and Andrea present a demo of Culture Cam. Also Mariana and Andrea will talk about the results of the New Media for the third sector study project they organized. These all happen on 28th of May here in Miestentie.

6) Sanna and Neea  will be in Copenhagen by the end of May setting up together with EuropenaCreative partners the experimental exhibition Mix it up! at the  National Gallery of Denmark (SMK). The exhibition features a series of reinterpretations and reconfigurational pieces based on original works of art of SMK collection done by contemporary artists and designers (including a piece by our own Neea) using open content.  In that context there will also be a few workshops open to the public. Our team (accompanied by arki alumni Kati) will be hosting an animated GIF workshop on May 29.

7) Miia is curating an exhibition on environmental art with the theme Utopia. The exhibition features also a seminar and interesting discussions. Arki tonttu invites all to visit the lovely lake of Nahkiala to enjoy the works. The opening is the 12th of June

8) EXTRA: Last week Mariana, Sanna, Andrea and Joanna where in Copenhagen presenting an idea for “independent living” they have been developing in the context of the Nordic Innovation real challenge. Their idea is amongst the 75 selected for the second round of the competition from more than 400 submissions.

After all these we will all drop of exhaustion and retire to enjoy the brief and beautiful Finnish summer.

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