Searching visually our cultural heritage with Culture Cam

After some months of work arki tonntu is proud to announce that a working demo of Culture Cam application is finally online, and is looking good!

So what is Culture Cam for? In a nutshell Culture Cam is an online tool to search and explore free/open content from Europeana through colours, patterns and forms.

Explore Europeana open content with your webcam on

Explore Europeana open content with your webcam on

  1. Searching Visually: Culture Cam has been thought as a complement and alternative to the more traditional text based search that is currently available in Europeana. Visual search is particularly well suited for content that is actually, very “visual”. This sounds redundant, but is not always obvious :).
  2. Open Content: Our aim is to encourage people to connect to the cultural heritage made available by the portal in creative ways. We envisioned that designers, artists and practitioners might find in Culture Cam an interesting ally in discovering cultural heritage objects as sources for new, derivative designs. This is why the searchable content from Culture Cam is all either in the Public Domain or it’s copyright has been expired.
  3. Situated practice: Europeana is an incredible knowledge repository of our historical assets, exemplifying the many ways designers and artists have built and enrich cultural commons together. Thus we hope, the tool will support creative practitioners to locate their work in wider historical terms.

Go and try it out at Note: this is still an evolving prototype, so for now it is only optimized for Firefox and the content available is limited, however that will change in the future, with more browsers supported and more open content available.

An example of the search results

An example of the search results of Culture Cam

Sanna and Neea have been collaboration with Spild af Tid (a Danish design agency) and with the Austrian Institute of Technology to develop this application. This week here in Helsinki we are running a series of UX test sessions (together with our partners from platoniq) aswell as some workshops with practitioners, to envision new creative practices that might be amplified with tools like Culture Cam. Culture Cam design and development is part of the Design Pilot of the eCreative project (Funded by the EU FP7 program)

One of the search items' original entry in Europeana

A search items’ original entry in Europeana portal

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