Re-designing our audio-visual cultural heritage

Couple of things we have contributed towards the goal of re-configuring our relationship with audio-visual cultural heritage

1) Mariana hosted a workshop on “How can AV contextualization practices benefit best from the affordances of online publication? ” in the context of the EUscreenXL project annual conference in Rome “From Audience to User: Engaging with Audiovisual Heritage Online”. The broad theme of the conference was users and usage of audiovisual archives. Soon the project will publish a blog post with the results of the workshop.

At the Mozilla Festival 2014

At the Mozilla Festival 2014

2) Neea and Sanna together with other Europeana Creative partners (and support from Open Knowledge Finland/OpenGLAM) hosted a session at the Mozilla Festival 2014 in London. The session aimed at connecting the digital cultural heritage offered by Europeana to communities of designers and artists interested in open cultural content – data, pictures, sound, videos – as inspiration and sources for new derivative works, such as animations and films, media art installations, textile patterns, and other design artefacts.

3) We are working on the Europeana’s Design Challenge! The challenge invites a wide range of works that appreciate contemporary and creative approaches to the digital cultural heritage materials. For example, including but not limited to reinterpreting europeana content with digital fabrication, media art, design objects, web/mobile applications and services. Deadline is 15th of January! More info

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