Urban environments, museums and crime reporting

Arki tonttu is again extremely proud to share some of the fruits of arki people work here.


1) Joanna has received yesterday the printed books of her dissertation “Combining Participations. Expanding the locus of Participatory E-planning by combining participatory approaches in the design of digital technology and urban planning“. It looks GORGEOUS! It is also extremely timely, well written and relevant. If you want to learn what New Media and participation has to offer for  democratic possibilities in urban environments, do read this. The defense is planned for the last weeks of April!

2) Mariana has also received her newly published book (in Spanish) in Argentina “Diseñado un Museo Abierto“. The book deals with new media interventions to open up the museum experience to the wider community.

3) Last, but not the least, Andrea, Sanna, Mariana and Joanna participated yesterday in a workshop organized by SITRA and the Minister of the Interior that aimed to explore what could service design bring to public administration. During the workshop six teams participated in a contest to develop concepts to improve the processes of making racist crime reports in Finland. Challenging topic! After they WON the contest ;). Good Job!


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